Getting Our Blog Set Up …The Journey

22 Jan Getting Our Blog Set Up …The Journey

We promised we would let you follow along as we set up this website…so here it goes!  The first thing we had to do was decide what blog platform to use.  For us it was an easy choice,  We’re  using  WordPress.  There are other platforms out there but we find WordPress easy to use and there tons of  help on the web via user forums, YouTube videos, etc.  Just plug in WordPress help and see for yourself.    Now our choice was to use so we could use our own URL as opposed to which is a WordPress hosted blog (You can read more about the difference between the two here. )

The  next step after installing  WordPress was to start creating the site and that meant choosing a template.  Lucky for WordPress users there are hundreds of templates to choose from that are free but we were looking for a bit more so we choose to purchase one.  ThemeForest had the perfect choice for us(Newscast theme) and for just $35 we’re up and running(well except that we now have to “fill in” the template).

So as you can see we have added our logo to  the top of  the page and created a first post.   After we  finish this post it should allow us to populate some photos so that the slide show will be activated.

Well that’s all for now….the journey continues!


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